Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30 Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30 Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30 Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30


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Engine Oil

Castrol Elixion SAE 5W-30

Castrol Elixion, a unique SAE 5W–30 synthetic engine oil, is formulated for maximum fuel efficiency in on road applications. Through real-world testing, by real fleets and under a variety of conditions, Castrol Elixion has been proven to deliver up to 4% fuel economy versus conventional 15W-40 oils - all without compromising engine protection.

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Hypuron Advance Formula 10W-30

Building on the legacy of Castrol Hypuron 15W-40, new Castrol Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30 takes extended drain intervals to a whole new level of up to 113,000 kms(*) . At the same time, it offers equivalent or better engine wear protection, giving you the kind of performance that Hypuron is famous for. Because it’s a lower viscosity oil, you can also count on Castrol Hypuron Advanced Formula 10W-30 to provide fuel economy that’s superior to traditional 15W-40 oils.

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Hypuron SAE 15W-40

Here’s the bottom line: An extended maintenance plan for your fleet will save time and money. Vehicles spending less time in the shop are more productive. And huge savings can be realized in labor costs, too, whether your preventative maintenance is done in-house or outsourced.

Castrol Hypuron 15W-40 is the market-leading extended drain oil, safely allowing fleets to run up to 80,000 kms drain intervals in over-the-road applications and 600 hours in off-road and vocational applications.

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Tection Extra SAE 15W-40

Modern engines run under harsher conditions than ever before, that's why Castrol Tection Extra is engineered to deliver 12 benefits in 1 formulation. Whether running an on road fleet or off road equipment, Tection Extra's Maximum Protection 12 formulation is a multi-benefit solution that provides 12 ways to protect your engine from the stress and strain of a harsh operating environment. It exceeds the demands of OEM specifications for Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mack and Volvo, as well as the toughest industry standards for wear protection and soot management.

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Castrol Labcheck

Castrol Labcheck used oil analysis, a state-of-the-art used oil analysis program, helps you manage your fleet more effectively and efficiently. Through ongoing analysis of used oil samples, Castrol Labcheck used oil analysis allows you to pinpoint and solve equipment problems by providing a full range of information that can support your operations and maintenance decisions.

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